ALIH KODE DAN CAMPUR KODE DALAM VIDEO BLOGGER (Kajian Sosiolinguistik) ビデオブロガーにおける コードスイッチングとコードミクシング

Risma Widianingsih, Risma (2018) ALIH KODE DAN CAMPUR KODE DALAM VIDEO BLOGGER (Kajian Sosiolinguistik) ビデオブロガーにおける コードスイッチングとコードミクシング. Undergraduate thesis, Diponegoro University.



ABSTRACT Widyaningtias, Risma. 2018. “Code Switching and Code Mixing used by Video Blogger.” Thesis, Bachelor Degree of Japanese Literature, Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University. Thesis Advisor Dra. Sri Puji Astuti, M.Pd and Reny Wiyatasari, S.S.,M.Hum. In this thesis, the writer studied about “Code Switching and Code Mixing used by Video Blogger.” The aim of this research is to describe the form and the cause of code switching and code mixing usage by video blogger. The writer collected the data from 4 youtube video blogs. The videos selected by the writer as the data source are entitled “Orang Jepang Suka Sambal, Bela-Belain Beli Cobek” by Abaybady, “Bukti Orang Jepang yang Benar-benar Mencintai Indonesia” by Abaybady, “Sulap Murah dari Daiso Jepang” by Genki Kimura, and “Orang Jepang Coba Makan Tofu Bulat Tanpa Cabe! di Bali” by Akira Kimura. The writer used non-participatory conversation observation method in collecting the data, and intralingual method in analyzing them. The analysis result is presented by informal method. According to the analysis result from 19 data, it is found that: there are 6 code switching units and 13 code mixing units. All form of code switching units are external code switching in sentence form. The factors that affect the usage of code switching are speech participants and situation change caused by third party. There two forms of code mixing found in this research, internal and external code mixing in the form of word, phrase, as well as sentence. It is influenced by language limitation, informal situation, the lacking vocabulary that fits the intended meaning, and the needs to show speakers’ intelligence. Keyword: Sociolinguistics, Code Switching, Code Mixing

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