Devi Ayu, Anggraeni (2018) KEARIFAN LINGKUNGAN PADA NOVEL LANGIT DAN BUMI SAHABAT KAMI KARYA NH. DINI (Kajian Ekokritik Sastra). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Anggraeni, Devi Ayu. 2018. Environmental Wisdom in Nh. Dini’s Langit dan Bumi Sahabat Kami (Ecocritical Literary Review). Essay. Strata 1 Program in Indonesian Literature. Semarang. Faculty of Humanities. Diponegoro University. Thesis Advisor: Drs. Mulyo Hadi Purnomo, M. Hum. This study aims to describe the novel structures, including themes, characters and characterizations, settings, and plot and to interpret the ecocritical literature by expressing the form of environmental wisdom of Nh. Dini’s Langit dan Bumi Sahabat Kami. The method which is applied to collect the data is library research by reading, listening, and recording data or facts related to the objective of the research. The primary data is the data obtained from original source of Langit dan Bumi Sahabat Kami by Nh. Dini published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama. The data collected from the primary data is the data related to the research problems, which is finding the form of environmental wisdom. The results show the existence of human relationship with the environment. Based on the results, the characterization, the setting of place, and the plot of the story are known, and hence the interaction between characters and environment is also can be seen. Dini’s family are the dominant characters in bringing the plot of the story. They are struggling to survive in a time of bitter warfare. Environmental wise behavior is built because they experience the difficulty of food, the difficulty of water, the gardens and rivers which are not maintained, the livestock which are threatened, and others. This wise environmental behavior is carried out by Dini’s family for a life which does not harm each other. The environmental wisdom includes the attitude of respect for nature, the attitude of responsibility towards nature, the principle of compassion and caring, the principle of not harming nature, and the principle of simple living and in harmony with nature. Keywords: novel, structure, ecocriticism, environment, environmental wisdom

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