Nur, Rohmat Purwito (2018) PUITIKA LIRIK LAGU BARASUARA SEBUAH KAJIAN STILISTIKA. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Purwito, Nur Rohmad. 2018. "The Poetic of Barasuara Song Lyrics". Essay Undergraduate programs in Science of Indonesian Literature Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University Semarang. Adviser I : Drs. Mulyo Hadi Purnomo, M.Hum., II. Laura Andri R.M., S.S., M.A. Poetry is oneof the forms of the works of art of imaginative literature who prefers the sound, the form of and also the meaning of which want to be transmitted. The song lyric can be classified as poetry because the song lyric having elements forming like poetry. The element in a poetry is a physical and inner. The song lyric that sung by group band Barasuara considered laden the meaning thsat showen by words in every bit of the song. The problems studied were forming element in the Barasuara song lyric wuth study stilistics. The purpose of this study is to describe poetry element and the meaning of Barasuara song lyric. The method that use to this study is describe method. The collectionn of data using literature stydy. A technique that is used is book study, read, listen and note. Data were collected from nine Barasuara song lyric that identified hav in common with the elements in the poetry. The results showed tah in order to trhoughly understand the Barasuara song lyric can be done by analyzing two constituent elements. In the physical element there is the choice of words in the form denotative and connotative meaning empty symbol (blank symbol) adn special symbol (private symbol), figure of speecch and versification. Of the inner structure there have been instances of lyrics with the theme of love, critism as well as social and a personal quest to know, and having the message of advice and motivation to the community. Style of language that exist in the Barasuara song lyrics is simple style tone language, powerful style tone language and medium style tone language. Key Words : Song lyrics, poetry structure, stylistics

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