Noni, Angriani Sirait (2018) KOSAKATA GAUL REMAJA DI METRO PLAZA MALL KOTA PEMATANGSIANTAR (Kajian Sosiolinguistik). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Sirait, Noni Angriani. 2018. “Teenage Slang Vocabulary in the Metro Plaza Mall Pematangsiantar City”. Thesis (S1). Indonesian Literature Diponegoro University, Semarang. Mentor: Drs. Hendarto S, SU, M.Th and Drs. M. Hermintoyo, M.Pd. Language is an arbitrary, unique, universal, varied sound symbol system used to communicate, cooperate and identify. Along with the times, language development is widespread and deviated from the mother tongue (Indonesian) and spawned a slang language pioneered by teenagers. The slang language is a non-formal language that teenagers use to communicate with their peers. Teenagers use slang because it’s considered more simple, cool, and unique. The purpose of this study is to analyze the pattern of formation, categorization and vocabulary slang words used by adolescents. This research used sociolinguistic theory. The method used in collecting the data is observation method, interview techniques and directly involved with the informant. Then, used the fishing technique as a basic technique and recording technique as an advanced technique. Then, used questionnaires to get more data because not all informants were open for interviews. In the data analysis stage use the agih method. In the agih method there are seven kinds, namely: deletion, subsitution, expansion, interruptions, permutation, parafrasa, and repetition . At the stage of presentation of the data using informal methods. The result of this research is that used of slang vocabulary in Pematangsiantar city and be classified : a. pattern formation by abbreviation (abbreviation, acronym, fragment); b. pattern formation of reversal of phonemes in a word; c. wordplay; d. new words; e. jargon; f. categorization (a term that refers to people, nature, objects, numbers, money, relationship patterns, relationships, greeting word, phrase pique, the person's name, artist name, the language is absorbed from foreign languages, street names, local names, body, and body quality); g. speech that is used when communicating with friends teen. Keyword: (word) slang, sociolinguistics, variations in language, prokem.  

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