Nur Rizky, Puspitasari (2017) TEMA SATIR DALAM LIRIK LAGU ALBUM PERSPEKTIF BODOH II KARYA NOSSTRESS (KAJIAN STRUKTURAL). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Puspitasari, Nur Rizky. 2017.”Tema Satir dalam Lirik Lagu Album Perspektif Bodoh II karya Nosstress (Kajian Struktural)”. Thesis complied and mentored by Drs. M. Hermintoyo, M.Pd. as mentor I and Fajrul Falah, S.Hum, M.Hum. as mentor II in Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Science, Diponegoro University. Song lyrics or melodic short-poetry is unique and attractive literature creation, its uniqueness seem from the short and solid language yet cause wide meaning and imagination. While its attractiveness comes from beautiful words, simple, and entertaining. More attractive that song lyric use aspiration media deliver. The mentioning song lyrics is song that exists in Perspektif Bodoh II Album by Nosstress. This research is about to analize developer element of song lyric. The method that used is library research with listening, reviewing, and recording techniques. Samplimg proposive used by takes six of ten songs that included in Perspektif Bodoh II Album entitled “Tanam Saja”, “Apa Susahnya”, “Ini Judulnya Belakangan”, “Pegang Tanganku”, “Semoga Hanya Lupa”, and “Laguku Untukmu”as beginning data which afterwards can be seen the topic contained inside. In this case, researcher uses poetry structural theory. Poetry structural theory include diction as creator creativity, imaginary, rhyme, typography, and topic. The result of the research appears as developer elements in six song of Perspektif Bodoh II Album by Nosstress. Diction analysis as author’s creativity use private symbols much enough, imagination that dominated by visual imanary using along with cacaphony that describe uncomfortable ambrience, sad, and disappointed. From research output obtained that topic mainly use in that song lyrics within Perspektif Bodoh II Album that has been analized is equal. Topic using about nature, society, and critic towards government. Key: song lyrics,poem, constructure element, topic, satire

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