Cut Aja Natasya Alhadilla, Dilla (2018) UNSUR-UNSUR SEMIOTIKA DALAM CERPEN REMON 「檸檬」KARYA KAJII MOTOJIRO 梶井基次郎に書かれた「檸檬」という短編にある記号論の分析. Undergraduate thesis, Diponegoro University.



ABSTRACT Alhadila, Cut Aja Natasya, 2018. "Unsur-Unsur Semiotika Pada Cerpen Remon Karya Kajii Motojiro". Thesis, Japan Literature, Diponegoro University, Semarang. Supervisor Yuliani Rahma, S.Pd, M.Hum. The purpose of writing this thesis was to found the elements of semiotics contained in the Remon short story. This research attempts to explained the meaning of semiotic elements that found in the signs that appear in the Remon short stories The study used in research was structural method with semiotics analysis. The structural method used to analyze intrinsic elements of short story of Remon which passed on analysis of element semiotics The results of this research was the character Watashi who became the main character the Remon short story by kaiji Motojiro experiencing feelings of depression resulting from the pressures of life he experienced. The character of Watashi who was rich person is experiencing a life change. Now he had nothing and must live with his friends. Watashi figures suffer from tuberculosis and have debts that accumulate. That things to the depressed Watashi figure and wanted to leave his current environment in order to be free from the pursuit of debt collectors. Watashi figures often imagine things that did not make sense that could gave him a sense of happiness through his fantasies. Through the lemon, the Watashi character has a turning point in which he regains his spirits to organize be now better life. Keyword: Short story, structural, element of semiotic.

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