Pemikiran Mangkunagara IV tentang Ketataprajaan (1871-1881)

Dhanang Respati , Puguh (2004) Pemikiran Mangkunagara IV tentang Ketataprajaan (1871-1881). Citra Lekha, Vol. VII No. 1 Februari 2004, ISSN: 1410-4938, hlm. 13-31. . ISSN 1410-4938



The Purpose of this research is to discuss the governmental thought of Mangkunegaran IV from the intelectual history perspective. Pursuant to his capacity as a ruler of Mangkunegaran and a poet, Mangkunegara IV had produced his thought on the government that was poured in serat-serat piwulang. The governmental thought of Mangkunagara IV gave emphasis on three main aspects in a state, and duty. Contextually, the government thought connected to the condition of the Mangkunagaran in the age of Mangkunagara IV. At the time, Mangkunagara IV was ordering the government, economy, and military. His governmental thougt in serat-serat piwulang were truly the ethic foundations to support his on going policies. In other words, through serat-serat piwulang, Mangkunagara IV purposed to give understanding to the whole components and exponents of the Mangkunagaran, especially the santanas and naraprajas, in order that his policies were supported and done with full responsibilities in line with their status and duties. Keywords: Mangkunagara IV, the governmental thougt, Laksitaraja, Nayakawara, Wirawiyata, Tripama

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