Martina, Situmorang (2018) KATA MANIS DAN PERUBAHAN MAKNANYA. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Situmorang, Martina. 2017. “Manis Word and the Changes in Meaning”. Thesis (S1). Indonesian Literature Diponegoro University, Semarang. Mentor: Drs. Ary Setyadi, M.S dan Dra. Sri Puji Astuti M.Pd The useage of the manis word is often used in daily life. The manis word is a word that is closely related to the senses of human taste. The manis word expresses the taste on the tongue.The manis word is not only used to express the response felt by the tongue, but it can be used to express the physical, behavior or attitude of man and others. The manis word can experience a change of meaning in every different sentence. This meaning has the same meaning, but in its usage has a difference of meaning so that the word has different usage accuracy. The purpose of this study is to analyze the components meaning of the manis word in the Indonesian language to decipher the change of meaning of the manis word in the sentence. The method used in data collection is a method of referring and literature study method with the technique of note as an advanced technique. In the data analysis stage used the agih methods with the expansion and substitution technique. The result of this research analysis is that the use of the manis word is classified into three basic namely, the use of the manis word by their nature in the context of a sentence, based on the reference object, and by type of meaning. Based on the characteristic in the context of a sentence divided into abstract and concrete. Based on the object reference, the use of the manis word is grouped into animate or lifeless. Animate objects are differentiated into humans and animals while inanimate objects are distinguished from plants and inanimate objects. Based on the type of meaning, the use of the manis word is grouped into denotative meanings, connotative meanings, phrase meaning and figurative meaning. The changes of the meaning will be known from each of the basic classifications of the use of the manis word . Keywords : (word) manis, semantic, meaning, change in meaning

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