SIMBOL, IKON, DAN INDEKS PADA LIRIK LAGU ALBUM DAREKA NO CHIJOU E KARYA AQUA TIMEZ (Kajian Semiotik) 「アクアタイムズ」が作曲した“誰かの地上へ”というアルバムの歌詞のシンボル、アイコンとインデクス:記号論の研究

Amadea Latifa Rahmi, Dea (2017) SIMBOL, IKON, DAN INDEKS PADA LIRIK LAGU ALBUM DAREKA NO CHIJOU E KARYA AQUA TIMEZ (Kajian Semiotik) 「アクアタイムズ」が作曲した“誰かの地上へ”というアルバムの歌詞のシンボル、アイコンとインデクス:記号論の研究. Undergraduate thesis, Diponegoro University.



ABSTRACT Rahmi, Amadea Latifa. 2017. “Simbol, Ikon, dan Indeks pada Lirik Lagu dalam Album Dareka No Chijou E Karya Aqua Timez : Kajian Semiotik”. Thesis, Department of Japanese Studies Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University. The First Advisor Drs. M. Hermintoyo, M.Pd. The Second Advisor Fajria Noviana, S.S, M.Hum. The main data source of this research is the song lyrics in Dareka no Chijou E album by a band called Aqua Timez. This research discusses about what kind of symbols, icons, and indexes are contained in Aqua Timez's lyrics on the album Dareka no Chijou E (誰 か の 地上 へ) that were consisting of 12 songs and what is the meaning contained in there. therefore the purpose of this study is to describe the signs of symbols, icons, and indexes in the lyrics of songs by Aqua Timez in the album Dareka no Chijou e (誰 か の 地上 へ) using Charles Sanders Peirce’s semiotic theory. This research is a library research using books, articles, journals, and other written sources as a reference. While at the stage of presentation of the results of research analysis, researchers used descriptive qualitative methods. Results exposure will be delivered in verbal language without any diagrams, graphs, tables, and more. The conclusions that can be drawn from this research are the symbols and icons used in the five song lyrics analyzed, many use natural symbols, private symbols corresponding to each theme. Then based on the index of the five songs, it can be seen that the songs in this album is based on personal experience experienced songwriter. Keywords: signs, semiotic, Charles Sanders Peirce, Aqua Timez, song

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