Mega, Dessy Ratnasari (2017) KONFLIK ANTARTOKOH DALAM CERPEN HAKIM SARMIN KARYA AGUS NOOR (Sebuah Kajian Sosiologi Sastra). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Ratnasari, Mega Dessy. 2017. "Intercultural Conflicts in Hakim Sarmin Short Story opus by Agus Noor: A Study on Sociology of Literature". Essay. Undergraduate Program of Indonesian Literature. Semarang. Faculty of Humanities Diponegoro University. Academic advisors: Dra. Lubna A. Sungkar, M.Hum., Laura Andri R.M., S.S, M.A. Hakim Sarmin short story which has been done by Agus Noor revealed about sexuality and woman perspective which on that era is taboo. The characters in this short story should be facing off social, political and cultural problems in Indonesia at that age. The characters which involved in the conflict are Hakim Sarmin and a women. The conflict among characters on Hakim Sarmin happened when Hakim Sarmin is involved in the conflict beetwen himselff and society to give the sentence to the woman who has killed five men. The conflict which woman feel caused by the problem that became her own guilty in according to her case of murdered five men which has raped her. Instead, the main problem of the story is to request the justice. Dissatisfaction and hatred upon the way of life that she chosen and made her extremely in trauma and had revenge on the all five man which raped her. This research is expected to reveal the conflict among all characters which included in Hakim Sarmin opus byy Agus Noor. The writer uses two theories; the stuctural theory is to analyse the character and the characteristict, plot and plotting and background. The second is literature work sociology theory which revealed the conflict among the characters which involved in this short story inside. According to the analysis result, the writer concludes this short story Hakim Sarmin is to reveal th conflict; the character internal conflict, the character external conflict, the cause of conflict, the correlation of social conflict on Hakim Sarmin short story and social conflict in life reality, and the last is the resolution of Hakim Sarmin. Keywords: structural, conflict among the character, social conflict

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