Sejarah Berdirinya Makam Imogiri antara Naskah Serat Pengetan Jasan Dalem Para Nata dengan Cerita Rakyat” (Kajian Intertekstual)

Dwi Atma, Octarini (2017) Sejarah Berdirinya Makam Imogiri antara Naskah Serat Pengetan Jasan Dalem Para Nata dengan Cerita Rakyat” (Kajian Intertekstual). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Octarini, Dwi Atma. 2017. ”The study of intertextual history of the establisment of Imogiri’s grave between SPJDPN with the folklore”. S1 Thesis of Indonesian Language and Literature Faculty of Humanity Sciences of Semarang Diponegoro Univercity. The supervisor are Mrs. Ken Widyatwati, S.S., M. Hum and Dra. Rukiyah, M. Hum. The objectives of this thesis is the manuscript of Serat Pengetan Jasan Dalem Para Nata and folklore of Imogiri’s grave. The script of SPJDPN obtained by the authors with the study of literature in the catalogue of the manuscript collection of Radya Pustaka Surakarta museum on the catalogue number 91 RP. This author is R.M.Ng Prajakintaka. The script of SPJDPN has 14 pages, used javanese script and used javanese language. The writer are interested in review the SPJDPN texts about the founding of Imogiri's tomb because there have some unique stories. The uniqueness of the story is the of Sultan Agung and his descendants start from a lump of clay from Mecca that was thrown by the enlargement of Mecca to the land of Java. Another uniqueness of the story is that the journey of Sultan Agung from Java to Mecca is short way. The theory that the author uses to do text edits that is the theory of philology with steps in the form of inventory, manuscript description, transliteration, translation and edits. This study examines the SPJDPN manuscripts and folklore intertextually to reveal hypograms and similarities and differences in structural aspects, such as themes, characterizations, plots, backgrounds and perspectives. The methods used in this study include data collection, data processing, data analysis and presentation of data analysis results. Based on the analysis that has been done, it is known that the folk tale Imogiri tomb is a hipogram text. While the SPJDPN text is a text of transformation because the tale of the Imogiri tomb is older than the story in the SPJDPN texts because according to the Imogiri cemetery, the establishment of Imogiri's grave in 1554, while the new manuscript was written in 1923. The Imogiri's tomb also has a more broad and complete than the story in the SPJDPN text. Keywords: Manuscript, Folklore, The study of intertextual

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