Septiara, Hapsari (2017) ROMANTISME DALAM LIRIK LAGU EBIET G. ADE. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Hapsari, Septiara. 2017. "Romance in the Lyrics of Ebiet G. Ade". Thesis (S-1) Faculty of Humanity Diponegoro University. Lecturer I: Drs. M. Hermintoyo, M.Pd. Lecturer II: Sukarjo Waluyo, S.S., M.Hum. The object of this research is the element of romantism song Ebiet G. Ade because in the lyrics contain language that implisit and contain beauty and romantic. In addition, the lyrics also contain a very deep message and full of elements of romance. This research is a literature research because the object of research is in the form of library materials, namely the text of the song lyrics of Ebiet G. Ade that is (1) “Cinta Sebening Embun”, (2) “Elegi Esok Pagi”, (3) “Nyanyian Rindu”, (4) “Cintaku Kandas di Rerumputan”, This study focused on the element of romanticism and the content of meaning in the lyrics of the song Ebiet G. Ade. The theory used is the study of romantism. The research method used is data collection, data analysis, and presentation of analysis results. The result of this study is the element of romanticism in the lyrics of Ebiet G. Ade that includes romance in diction (choice of words), romanticism in sounds, romance in the theme, romanticism in feeling, romance in tone and atmosphere. Meanwhile, this study also explains the content of meaning in the lyrics of the song Ebiet G. Ade. Keywords: Ebiet G. Ade Lyrics, Romanticism, Content of Meaning.

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