Farissa Sofiani, ica (2017) STRUKTUR DAN MAKNA REDUPLIKASI BAHASA JEPANG 日本語における畳語の構造と意味. Undergraduate thesis, Diponegoro University.



ABSTRACT Sofiani, Farissa. 2017. “Structure and Meaning of Japanese Reduplication”. Thesis. Department of Japanese Studies, Faculty of Humanities. Diponegoro University. Thesis supervisor Lina Rosliana, S.S., M.Hum. This thesis discusses about “Structure and Meaning of Japanese Reduplication”. The purpose of this thesis are to describe the formation process of Japanese reduplicated words according to classification; it also to explain about the meaning of Japanese reduplication. The data of this research obtained from a novels like “Kokoro” “Kappa”; “Maikokka” anthology; and Japanese websites such as; The data were collected using note taking technique. The author used agih method with repetition technique to analyze the structure of reduplicated words, and then used descriptive method to analyze the meaning that contained in reduplication words. Based on the data analysis, the result showed that the formation process of Japanese reduplication generally has 2 process, they are (1) whole repetition which is has 4 types of formation, pure whole repetition; whole repetition with sound changing; whole repetition with addition of suffix /~shii/ and pseudo reduplication that appeared in onomatopoeia. The formation of pseudo repetition is by whole repetition, but it doesn’t have root word. (2) repetition with synonym/antonym element. The meaning of Japanese reduplication has 6 meanings, they are plural; emphasis; repetition/continuity; has indirect relation to root word; has similar meaning to one element; has opposite meaning to each other. Keywords : reduplication words, structure, meaning.

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