Annisa, Maghfirani (2017) PEMATUHAN DAN PELANGGARAN PRINSIP KESANTUNAN DALAM KASUS MARIO TEGUH DI SITUS WEB dan Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Ramadhan, Annisa Maghfirani. “Compliance and Violations of the Principle of Politeness in the Mario Teguh Case on the Web site". Thesis (S1) in Indonesian Literature Study Program, Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University. Supervisor I: Dr. Suyanto, M.Si. II. Drs. Suharyo, M. Hum. This research focuses on the direct speech which expressed by Mario Teguh and Ario Kiswinar on the website and The purpose of this study is to classify and describe the form of compliance and infraction of the principle language politeness by Leech and determinants of politeness. The data source in this research is 26 texts from website and which contains the case revolved Mario Teguh and Ario Kiswinar. Researches then found 26 texts that going into categories according to the classification. The research method used in this research is the method of referring then continued using the technique of note. The data analysis used is descriptive, using Leech politeness principle theory. The results of the study of compliance and infraction of the principle of politeness in the case of Mario Teguh with Ario Kiswinar on the website of and are: 6 maxim complying politeness which is 1 generosity maxim, 3 maxim of appreciation, and 2 maxims of simplicity. The violence of maxim politeness found 20 maxim which 6 maxims of wisdom, 7 appreciation maxims, 1 maxims of simplicity, and 6 maxim of sympathy. More maximal violations were found because the case deals with recognition and a good name bet that makes the speaker try to maintain his own dignity and drop his partner. The determinants of politeness in this data are the selection of words for feeling. the use of language styles namely the maxim of the proverbs, the euphemism, and the metaphorical masters. The aspect of non-devotion is the context of the communication situation and socio-cultural institutions. Keywords: Compliance, Violations, Principles of Politeness, Mario Teguh, and Ario Kiswinar.

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