Efektivitas ombudsman Republik Indonesia Perwakilan Prov. Jawa Tengah

Warsono, Hardi (2016) Efektivitas ombudsman Republik Indonesia Perwakilan Prov. Jawa Tengah. ASIAN Asosiasi Ilmuwan Administrasi Negara.



The effectiveness of Ombusdman Republik Indonesia (ORI) Perwakilan Provinsi Jawa Tengah is important to measure deeply (In this research,qualitatively) so, we can see he benefits of the existence of this organization. This research also viewed the factors that influence the effectiveness of ORI Perwakilan Provinsi Jawa Tengah. To accomplish this purpose, this research used a qualitative methode and see three divisions exhaustively, there are, The Completion Report Division, The Prevention Division and The Control Division. This research also see the factors that influence the success of that divisions, such as technology used as well as supporting facilities and infrastructure, planning and programs, the employees,the availability and allocation of funds.and also bureaucratic process. The results of this research described that ORI Perwakilan Provinsi Jawa Tengah is still ineffective. The Completion Report Divison only could completed the easy or low cases. Meanwhile, in complicated cases took a long time. The Prevension Division still has limited activites target so, this organization is still unpopular in all circles especially in Central Java. The Control Division is not exhaustive to do the direct supervision to each regency/ city in Central Java. The positive factors that influence the effectiveness of this organization are the technlogy and infrastructure,although it is limited but it can support, planning and progams that have been neatly.Meanwhile,lack of employees, lack of funds,and the complexity of Regional Government Bureaucracy becomes a negative factor that hindering the effectiveness of this organization.

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