Sari, Titania and Mahdi, Sutiono (2017) LEXICON USING OF SUNDANESE LANGUAGE LEVEL IN “PUPUH DANGDANGGULA”. In: "International Seminar “Language Maintenance and Shift” VII ISSN: 2540-8755, July 19 - 20, 2017, Hotel NEO Semarang.


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This study analyzes the morphology process of Sundanese language in “Pupuh Dangdanggula”, which focuses on lexicon, and which in Sundanese there are language levels of each society level.The aim of this study is to conserve the Sundanese culture of Pupuh Dangdanggula, which is one of Pupuh to make the people religious. This study has several objectives: (1) to analyze lexicon in Dangdanggula canto, and (2) to identify the language level in Dangdanggula canto. Lexicon is the linguist’s term for the language user’s mental dictionary.. One of the Sundanese language uniqueness is language level or manners (undak usuk basa). The language manners are divided into: polite (lemes), middle/intimate/normal (loma), and impolite (kasar). Pupuh is come from Sundanese language that is Pepeuh, is Sundanese traditional poetry or canto which has particular syllable amount and rhyme in each line. There are 17 types of pupuh, each has a special character and is used for different story theme. Pupuh Dangdanggula is one of Sundanese traditional canto. The methodology used in this study is qualitative method employing the data source from five cantos of “Pupuh Dangdanggula” in a book entitled “Wawacan dalam khasanah Sastra Sunda dan Suntingan Teks Wawacan Rawi Mulud” and in website http://www.tekslirik.com/pupuh-dangdanggula.html. The lexicon of the data were analyzed by using the theory of lexicon and were classified by the theory of Sundanese language manners and levels. The results are expected to find the used lexicon and the language level classification of the lexicon in Sundanese Canto of Dangdanggula. The result of the research showed that: (1) there are the lexicon of the two lexicon categories in Dangdanggula canto, and (2) the lexicon using in Dangdanggula canto consists of normal and polite lexicon of Sundanese language level. The polite lexicon using in Dangdanggula canto is for the subject which is a high level society or God.

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