Munyensanga, Patrick Munyensanga (2017) OUR IDENTIFICATION THROUGH COMMON CULTURE AS SINGLE LANGUAGE UNIFIES US. In: "International Seminar “Language Maintenance and Shift” VII ISSN: 2540-8755, July 19 - 20, 2017, Hotel NEO Semarang.


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Common culture represents a sign in human relationship, this in society help to interacbetween each other. This interaction helped by a common language which used day to dayespecially in conversation and in communication between people with same culture or noand with same language or not. Community and or society has the encouragements to learn their own and or both others culture and language; this be a potential capacities in tradingin education etc. For a society with a very large majority of individuals from one culture, individuals fromminority groups can be assimilated more quickly, this facilitate by a using commonlanguage and tend to make people reassemble the same. For Rwandans using Kinyarwanda as common mother tongue as national language of Rwanda this simplify in interaction forday to day activities and make people to understand easily each other. Particularly ourancestor used language in “Amahamba, Ibyivugo, Imivugo, Ibisingizo, imiganin’imigenurano, urwenya, ibisakuzo, insigamigani, amateka y’u Rwanda, amazina y’inka, imihango n’imigenzo nyarwanda, ikinyarwanda, uturingushyo, amazina y’ikinyarwandainshoberamahanga, indirimbo nyarwanda, umuryango nyarwanda etc…” for enhancing aquick communication and quick understanding of Rwandese Culture. This make impossibility of separating language and culture while the Rwandans actogether during these ceremonies rituals and everyone has to question and transmitting thevalidity and implications act which demonstrate this inseparability of both language and Culture. Today our culture has to face many diversity of foreigner’s languages and local languagewhile the citizens try to mix these languages with culture in order to preserve and/or sustaintraditional culture of Rwandans. Since policies that subsidize assimilation and theacquisition of many language skills to be socially beneficial, Rwandan government allowuse of French, English, and Swahili as the official languages of Rwanda and Rwandan SignLanguage to be used by the educated deaf population; for Rwandans to be ablecommunicate and interact easily with the world.

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