Fomba, Ahmed (2017) UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY. In: "International Seminar “Language Maintenance and Shift” VII ISSN: 2540-8755, July 19 - 20, 2017, Hotel NEO Semarang.


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Black people’s history in the past centuries has being portrayed as people that lack the acumen to build any civilization of its own. The knowledge of the Black history has so far being said to be crude or savage and do not have a place in civilization. To some extent some historians presented Black history started after the invasion of Europeans and Arabian of the so called “Africa” continent. The purpose of this presentation is to show by way of historical arts, scriptures, utterances of few world leaders, historical findings and evidences that Blacks had civilizations that was the greatest and the oldest and the most inventive of all the highest civilization and antiquities. It flourished for over three centuries which set a pattern of example for people near and far. Historical evidences have shown that Black history eclipsed by far what had been written down by European invasion of the “Africa” continent. Before the invasion of Europeans in the fourteenth century, Blacks had civilization like the Nubian Empire now called Sudan. Historical facts pointed out facts of purely black society that mastered the act of craftsmanship of an advance civilization contrary to what was written as a dark people who leaved in caves and trees. Today there are more than three hundreds pyramids and remnants of destroyed civilization in Nubia. Kemet civilization now called Egypt, which in retrospect of the word Kemet means: “Land of the Black”. The world current perception of this land today is considered to be closely related to Arabian. Distancing herself from the original architect of Kemet civilization, which was created by Black civilization as scriptures and historical evidences revealed. The Songhay Empire now annexed in Mali, produced the richest man to ever walk the surface of the earth. His fortune was in tons of gold, silver and many more earthly possessions. All of these empires and kingdoms thrived from somewhere around the seventh century onto the fourteen century. In conclusion one would be tempted to ponder over certain concerns about Black history and their invaders; why were ancient black civilization neglected or destroyed or not mentioned in the history books by their invaders? Why was the names of ancient Black Kingdom and Empire changed? Why European did invaded Africa? Was it in searched of knowledge or to decimate the Black Hebrew Israelites that fled to Kingdom and Empire in Africa? It is becoming evidently clearer that we need a censure of European idea of Black history.

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