Santi, Rahayu (2017) NASKAH BIDAYATUSALIK: SUNTINGAN TEKS BESERTA KAJIAN PRAGMATIK. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Rahayu, Santi. 2017. Bidayatusalik Manuscripts : Suntingan Teks and Pragmatical Study. Thesis. Study Program of Indonesian Literature. Under-Graduate Program. Faculty of Humanities Diponegoro University. Dr. Muh. Abdullah, M. Hum and Dra. Mirya Anggrahini, M. Hum Bidayatusalik is one of old poems written by Raden Bratawijaya. The Bidayatusalik manuscript contains advinces to live along with blessing in the world and hereafter. It has written by Raden Bratawijaya in Cirebon on 5 April 1865. This moral knowledge to apply in the real life. The research used manuscript stored in the National Library of Republic of Indonesia (PNRI). This stage provides the writer to analyze pragmatic meaning of Bidayatusalik. Philology theories were apllied in collecting the data, describing, transliterating and even criticizing the manuscript. Pragmatic theories became the base to analize the pragmatic meaning in the Bidayatusalik manuscript. Pragmatic information or messages conveyed by author of Bidayatusalik can be found by applying both theories. This research result indicates that the pragmatic Bidayatusalik manuscript the moral value are in the Bidayatusalik manuscript. The moral value in this masuscript literally are moral relation between God and human beings and the relations between feloolow humans, such as: faith, believe in fate, grateful, nurturing and respecting others, tata krama, each other, and mutual respect to parent’s, to repay kindness, telling the trusth, choose a good friend. Key words : Bidayatusalik , Pragmatical Study, Moral Value

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