Diah Ayu, Kusumaningrum (2017) BIAS GENDER DALAM NOVEL SURGA YANG TAK DIRINDUKAN KARYA ASMA NADIA (SEBUAH KAJIAN FEMINISME). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Kusumaningru, Diah Ayu. 2017. Gender Bias in the Unexpected Novel of Heaven A study of feminism. Thesis, Strata 1 Program of Indonesian Literature, Faculty of Cultural Sciences. University of Diponegoro Semarang. Advisor. Muh. Abdullah M, A. And Drs. Redyanto Noor M, hum. The material object of this research is the novel of Unexpected Heaven by Asma Nadia. This novel tells the problems that occur in the household because of a polygamy. This study uses qualitative methods based on fictional structure theory and feminist theory. The purpose of this study is to describe the intrinsic elements that exist in the novel of Heaven that is not missed by Asma Nadia and reveals the gender bias and gender injustice. In this research data analysis using novel structural analysis method and feminist analysis. The novel structural analysis method is used to determine the element of fictional structure to describe the elements of the novel builder (characters, plot, background, theme and message) while feminist analysis is used to reveal the gender bias and gender inequalities found in Asma Nadia's Unexpected Heaven's novel. The result of structural analysis of the novel of Unknown Paradise by Asma Nadia is that there are seven characters consisting of one main character and six additional characters. The main character in the Unwanted Paradise novel is Arini, the supplemental character is Pras, Mei Rose, Rey, Mother, Sita, Lia. The novel flow of Heaven's Unwanted novel is grooved. There is also the background of Paradise novel that is not missed is the setting of the place where the scene is in Jakarta. Background of the place used are houses, hospitals, schools, offices, and highways. Background wajtu addressed the time of the incident that is in the morning to night. The social background of the Unwanted Heaven novel is aimed at the social life of the society in the novel. While the psychological setting aimed to see the psychologist (psychiatric) experienced by the character in the novel of the Unexpected Heaven of Asma Nadia's work. The result of gender bias analysis that happened in the novel of Unforgettable Paradise is experienced by Arini character. Arini experienced a gender injustice that had an impact on her husband. Gender inequality occurs when her husband has polygamy. Polygamy has made Arini in a weak position and always in nomorduakan. Based on the analysis of classification of gender bias in the novel of Unwanted Paradise by Asma Nadia shows that Arini figures are classified into five categories of gender injustice, namely marginalization, subordination, stereotypes consisting of male domination of women and women are always secondary. Violence consisting of psychological inner violence, and the last form of gender inequality is the workload of more ad more time. Keywords: Unexpected Heaven's Novel, Fictional Structure, Feminist.

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