Umi, Ibroh (2017) FUNGSI TEKS MUJAROBAT DALAM MASYARAKAT DESA PESAREAN (Kajian Resepsi). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Ibroh, Umi. The Function of Mujarobat Text for The People of Pesarean Village (Reception Study). Essay Undergraduate Programs in Science of Indonesian Literature Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University Semarang. Adviser: Dr. Muhammad Abdullah, M.A. Mirya Anggrahini, M.Hum. Mujarobat is one of the ancient manuscript that still be used by so many people in Java especially in Tegal District. Generally the contents of this text devided in four parts, that are: fiqih, tauhid, traditional calulation that contained the thib (Arabic traditional medicine which doing by prayers and plots). The manuscript, the object of this research was obtained in Pesarean Village, Pagerbarang Subdisrict of Tegal District. It was owned by a villager that was given by his parent for a long ago. This research concern about the function of Mujarobat for the people, especially the people of Pesarean Village.There are two methods in this research: 1) philologic method, it‟s used to analyze the manuscript as the object of the research accord with philologic research guidelines that are inventory, describing, proofreading, transliteration and translation; 2) field reseach method which doing through interview to the owner of the manuscript and socialites who knowthe object properly. Beside that, to know the response of villagers toward the function of Mujarobat have been done by spreading questionnaires. According the result of this research, the funcion of Mujarobat for the poeple of Pesarean Village are: 1) As the prayer, the villagers use the text as the direct reference to practice the specifict prayer for specifict goals; 2) As the oracle, the villagers use the text to predict what will happen in the future based the result of counting the day, physical and natural condition; 3) As the amulet, there are some parts in the Mujarobat that used by villagers as the amulet, that are wifik (the symbols in Arabic letters or Arabic words which written with specifict pattern), and plots (the specifict symbol without any pattern). Keywords: Mujarobat, Manuscript, text, Pesarean Village, function, literary reception.

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