Elda, Destirini (2017) TOBA DREAMS PERUBAHAN STRUKTUR DARI NOVEL KE FILM (SEBUAH KAJIAN PERBANDINGAN). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Destirini, Elda. 2017. Toba Dreams: Changing Structure from Novel to Film (A Comparative Study). Skripsi. Bachelor programs Indonesian Literature. Semarang. Faculty of Humanities. Diponegoro University. Advisors: Dr. Redyanto Noor, M.Hum. danKhothibul Umam, S.S., M.Hum. This research is motivated by the transformation from novel to film. A novel that can be read for few days transformed into a movie that lasted two hours will certainly be a lot of parts that are removed or added for the benefit of the film. The purpose of this study is to looking for the transformations that occur and find the similarities and differences between the novel and the film. This research uses structural theory with comparative literary approach, an approach in literature that doesn’t produce its own theory, as its approach. Transformation process of Toba Dreams from novel to film leads to shrinkage, addition, and varied changes.Based on the approach, the author can see the difference between the film as a result of adaptation with the novel as a literary work of origin. The data source in this research is Toba Dreams novel by TB. Silalahi and a film by Benni Setiawan. Acquisition of data that is intended in the form of intrinsic elements as a builder of literary works that include characters, background and groove. Acquisition of data by reading and recording which results are presented in the form of a description. Toba Dreams is one of Benni Setiawan's films that adapted from a novel of the same title, the author of TB.Silalahi. Toba Dreams is the first novel by TB.Silalahi that explores about the life side of Batak people packed into the novel with many contain moral value. Results of the analysis from novel and film Kambing Jantan showed a conversion story, addition and removal of background, replacement and removal of figures, addition and removal of some of the events in the novel. However, the process of the transformation does not change the substance of the story. The transformation of the novel into the film gives a new feel to the work. Keywords:Shrinkage, addition, varied changes, structural, écran, comparative literature

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