Mantasiah R , Mantasiah R (2016) DESKRIPSI STRUKTUR FRASA BAHASA MAKASSAR DIALEK LAKIUNG. In: International Seminar on Language Maintenance and Shift (LAMAS) 6 ISSN:2540-8755 , 9 - 10 August 2016, Gedung Pascasarjana Imam Barjo No. 3 - 5 Semarang.


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The study aims to analyze the phrase structure of Makassar language of Lakiung dialect through transformational generative grammar approach includes structure of noun phrase, verb phrase, adjective phrase, adverb phrase, and prepositional phrases. The data was conducted at the area of Makassar language of lakiung dialect, such as Gowa and Takalar. The data consist of 5 spoken discourses comprising narrations, hortatory, procedurals, expository, and dialague. Data collection method was the elicitation and recording. Data were analyzed with a computer program linguistic Shoebox 5.0. Based on the results of data processing and analysis found the rules of the phrase structure in the native Makassar language of Lakiung dialect, there are 1) structure of noun phrases consists of demonstrativa that can be placed at the beginning or at the end of the noun which is optional, or pronouns or particles in front of the proper noun, or quantifier which is optional before the main noun and is followed by the adjective which is optional too, 2) structure of the verb phrase consists of aspect, modality, and the intensifier which is optional and followed by serial verbs or adverbs which are placed before the main verb, 3) structure of the adjective phrase consists of adjective as the main and is followed by intensifier or comparative marker which is optional, 4) structure of adverb phrase consists of adverb which shows how to be a main and is followed by intensifier which optional, and 5) structure of prepositional phrase consists of direction or position word which optional and preposition which is followed by noun phrase.

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