Sidiq, Nirmolo (2017) MEMAHAMI AIR DALAM TIGA SAJAK SOEDJARWO SEBUAH KAJIAN HERMENEUTIKA. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.

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Nirmolo, Sidiq, 2017. Understanding the Water in Three Poems of Soedjarwo’s; A Study on Hermeneutic. Undergraduate Program in Indonesian Literature. Semarang. Humanity Faculty. Diponegoro University. Advisor: Drs. Mulyo Hadi Purnomo, M. Hum, and Khothibul Umam S.S., M. Hum. The collection of poetry Yang Masih Tersisa is a book by Soedjarwo which is the author's expression as a retrospection of his life and shows the results of his learning activities responding to the world. This collection of poetry is also a marker of his 70th birthday. Based on the collection of poems there are several poems about water, only three poems that use water metaphor as the title of poetry, the three poems entitled “Air Mata”, “Air Cucian”, “Air Pasang”. These three poems will be the authors make the study in this study. This research has a purpose to know the meaning of water from poetry of “Air Mata”, “Air Cucian”, “Air Pasang” by Soedjarwo. The analysis phase is performed using poetry analysis based on the stratum of norm Roman Ingarden and hermeneutics of Paul Ricoeur to understand the meaning of water in these poems. The results of the analysis are based on a collection of poems Yang Masih Tersisa in this case poetry “Air Mata”, “Air Cucian”, “Air Pasang” with hermeneutic studies of Paul Ricoeur there is a philosophy of water into the value of life. Hermeneutika poem "Air Mata", "Air Cucian", "Air Pasang" by Soedjarwo gives an illustration that happened in the life of the people affected by the disaster.Water as a sadness of life and as a longing delivered to the poems of Soedjarwo's poems. The poem tries to illustrate the importance of a water. The water properties that can be learned from Poetry of "Air Mata", "Air Cucian", and "Air Pasang" as examples of life, Such as teaching humans to be steadfast and humble in the face of temptations such as the Poem "Air Mata". Water teaches humans to be willing to sacrifice to others to be a better person like the Poem "Air Cucian". Water teaches humans to remain strong and steadfast to receive such trials on Poetry "Air Pasang". Key Words: Hermeneutic, Soedjarwo, Yang Masih Tersisa

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