Triono, Sulis (2014) SUBSTANTIVWÖRTER IN GERMAN. In: " International Seminar Language Maintenance and Shiff " IV. ISSN; 2088-6799, 18 November 2014, Hotel NEO Semarang.


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This paper aims to describe Substantivwörter ’noun’ in German. Substantivwörter can be: (1) Artikelwort ’article’, (2) Adjetiv vor sich ’adjective modifying a noun’, (3) ein weiteres Substantiv (als Attribut im Genetiv oder Präpositionalkasus) ’nominal functioning as an attribute in a genetive’, and (4) substantivische Pronomina ’substantive pronoun’. There are six types of Substantivische Pronomina, i.e.: Personalpronomen ’personal pronoun’ such as Ich, du, er; Interrogativpronomen ’interrogative pronoun’ such as wer, was, and welche; Demonstrativpronomen ’demonstrative pronoun’ (dieser, jener, and ein solcher); Indefinitpronomen ’indefinite pronoun’ (einige, mache, and allen); Possesivpronomen ’possessive pronoun’ (wessen and wem); and Relativpronomen ’relative pronoun’ (ein Bild replaced by es or das). Substantivwörter function to express (1) Gattungsnamen and (2) Eigenamen. Gattungsnamen or Appelativa are used to name fruits and jobs. Gattungsnamen function to name concrete objects such as Gold ’gold, Schnee ’snow’ and to describe one’s characters or personality such as Härte ’hard’ and Klugheit ’smart’. Besides, Gattungsnamen are used to express kinship relationships such as Onkel ’uncle’ and Grossvater ’grandfather’; and (2) Eigenamen ’proper nouns’ function to express Personennamen or to express one’s name comprising Vorname ’first name’ and Familienname ’family name’ such as Helmut Kohl. Eigenamen are used to name a place such as Gothes Haus, a mountain such as der Alpen, and a country such as Deutschland. Eigenamen are also used for Produktnamen to name a building such as Humboldt Universität, a book such as Gothes Faust, a painting such as Monalisa, a ship such as Titanic, and a song title such as Mother John Lennon.

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