Althaf Gauhar Auliawan, Aga (2017) ONINTENKA (PENAMBAHAN SEBUAH FONEM) PADA GAIRAIGO BAHASA JEPANG (KAJIAN MORFOFONEMIK) 外来語における音韻添加 「形態音韻論」. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Auliawan, Althaf Gauhar. “Onintenka (Penambahan Sebuah Fonem) Pada Gairaigo Bahasa Jepang: Kajian Morfofonemik”. Thesis. Departement of Japanese Studies of Humanities, Diponegoro University. The Advisor Budi Mulyadi, S.Pd, M.Hum. This thesis research about onintenka in gairaigo or Japanese absorbed word. Onintenka is the phenomenon in morphophonemic regulating the produce of sound that occur increment or insertion new phoneme in the word. The data in this research are obtained from the great gairaigo’s dictionary which namely Reibun de Yomu Katakana-go no Jiten. The aim of this research is described onintenka that be able to occur in gairaigo or Japanese absorbed word (except from Chinese). Then for understanding that onintenka can be influence for word stickiness and sound classification with syllable (phonetic theory). This research was conducted with descriptive method. Based on the analysis, the result of this research is evidence that onintenka be able to occur in gairaigo, form collection and classification about gairaigo based on phoneme appears. The reason that occur of onintenka and phoneme stickiness from onintenka, can also be known. Then indicate relationship between onintenka and classification of Japanese sounds (phonetic theory). Keywords: Onintenka, Gairaigo, Phoneme, Syllable.

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