Siti , Azizah (2017) PROSES MORFOLOGIS KATA MINTA DAN SINONIMNYA. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Azizah, Siti. 2017. “Morphological Processes Asking Word and Synonyms”. Thesis (S1) Faculty of Humanities Diponegoro University, Semarang. This study aims to describe the morphology process of forming verb the asking word and synonyms, with describe similarities and differences asking word and synonyms. The data was collected using observation methods accompanied by writing technique,then followed up using conversation methods accompanied by fishing technique and advanced technique that consists of interview technique and writing technique.Data on morphological processes analyzed by utilizingdistributional method with basic techniqueof immediate constituentsaccompanied expansion technique and paraphrasing technique.In addition, the data analysis to determine similarities and differencesasking word and synonyms using contrastive approach is evidenced through the substitution techniques. The result of the study found affix forming verbs the asking word and synonyms consists of a prefix, confix and combinationsaffix.All verb forming affixes are a productive affix consisting of (a) the prefix {meN-}, {di-}, {ber-}, and {ter-}, (b) the suffix {-kan} and {-i}, (c) the confix {ke-an}, and (d) the combination of affix {meN-/-kan}, {meN-/-i), {di-/-kan}, and {di-/-i}. Reduplication forming verbs the asking word and synonyms include forms: full reduplication and partial reduplication. Reduplication partly marked by the form {meN-}, {di-}, {me-/-kan}, {di-/-kan}, and {ber-/-an}. The composition forming verbs the asking word and synonyms are not contained in all words, but only on the word ask and sue. The composition found only amounted to 18 pieces, which is differentiated based on the internal elements of the formers are a) combined word with word, b) the combination of the principal words with words, and c) a combination of the principal words with the main words. Determination confix and combinations affix can be known through the relation between the position of affixes. Shaped confix if formed together in the process of formation and form one grammatical meaning. Shaped combination affix if formed in a row (derived from different processes) and each affix has its own grammatical meaning. Results found from the contrast process asking word and synonyms are:(a) The equations contained in the word please, please, persuasion, persuasion, invite, order, bill, demand, demand with the word ask is equally meaningful ask, dan (b) The difference of the word ask, please, please, persuade, persuade, ask, order, emotive, entity, object, how to deliver. Key Words: Asking, Morphology, Verb, Synonym.

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