Anisa, Rofikoh (2017) KATA HABIS: BENTUK, PERILAKU, DAN MAKNA. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



Rofikoh, Anisa. 2017. Kata Habis : Bentuk, Perilaku dan Makna. Skripsi (S-1). Fakultas Ilmu Budaya Universitas Diponegoro Semarang. Pembimbing : Drs. Hendarto Suparta, S. U., dan Riris Tiani, S.S., M.Hum. Language is an important thing for society, because it’s one of communication tools which is never existed in our life. Language is also used to develop human mind. The mastery of vocabulary is increasingly associated with many meanings, so it is very determine the smooth of thinking. Thus, the study of word as a sign is strongly supported for those functions. In this thesis, the author examines the form, behavior and the meaning of habis. To explain that word, the author uses monolingual contrastive approach with expansion technique. The result The result of this study collects 20 basic words which contained with the meaning of habis. The distinguish components that emerged those basic word are creature, entity and colocation. From the analysis, there are eleven affix of habis word that can be joined. They are contains with: ber-, se-, -kan, -i, -in, ke-/-an, me-/-kan, di-/-kan, me-/-i, ter-/-kan, and pe-/-an. From the behavior of analysis, the ‘word’ can be seen from the level of phrase and clause. At the phrase level, habis has a high core level. At the clause level, habis has a function as a predicate and description; it can also declare the clause adverbial type and verbal clause type. In relation of study of the meaning, it can be found which contained in habis word. The types of the meanings are lexical and grammatical mean, referential and non-referential mean, connotative and denotative mean, the mean of habis as a word and term, last but not least are conceptual and associative mean. The relations of forms arefound which are synonym, antonym, hyponym, and hypernym. Moreover, it explained with the meaning field and the meaning component to determine the difference of habis word. Keywords : Habis, type, behavior, and meaning

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