Nindwihapsari , Nindwihapsari (2011) PILIHAN BAHASA DALAM MASYARAKAT MULTIBAHASA DI KAMPUNG DURIAN, KALIMANTAN BARAT: PENDEKATAN SOSIOLINGUISTIK. In: International Seminar Language Maintenance and Shift. ISSN: 2088-6799, 2 Juli 2011, Hotel Pandanaran Semarang.


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Language choice in a multilingual society is an interesting phenomenon to be studied by sociolinguistic approach. This paper is the result of sociolinguistic study of a multilingual society in the Kampung Durian, West Kalimantan. Kampung Durian is a village inhabited by a community of ex Madurese refugees Sambas conflict. Kampung Durian is located adjacent to the township Dayak. Since the society is multiethnic, the choice of language becomes a complex problem. In this situation there are several languages used in social interaction, so that every community would have to choose what language to use when interacting with other community members. In terms of language choice, there are several factors into consideration, such as with whom to speak, who is speaking, what topics were discussed, as well as a place where interaction takes place. In the utterances, inappropriate language choice by speakers of the opponents could lead such social and cultural issues. For that reason, a speaker must be careful in selecting the language at an utterance. Things that must be considered in the utterances is regarding the status and social distance opponent (Rokhman, 2005). Social status is associated with power, level of education, wealth, descent, and age. While social distance related to the level of intimacy between speaker and opponent. This study used qualitative methods with an ethnographic approach. This ethnographic approach involves a writer with Kampung Durian community. The writer was involved in the daily activities of residents, observing, interviewing informants, as well as ask questions about culture and language (Spradley, 2007:3). There are two kinds of data in this study, the primary data in the form of speech or the verbal utterances of some domain of speech, and secondary data that contains information on the results of interviews with informants.

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