Persaingan Kode Tutur dalam Akad Nikah pada Masyarakat Tutur Bahasa Jawa di Yogyakarta

Munandar, Aris Munandar (2011) Persaingan Kode Tutur dalam Akad Nikah pada Masyarakat Tutur Bahasa Jawa di Yogyakarta. In: International Seminar Language Maintenance and Shift. ISSN: 2088-6799, 2 Juli 2011, Hotel Pandanaran Semarang.


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This paper discuses the use of two competing languages, Indonesian and Javanese, in Akad Nikah ritual held by Javanese Speech community in Yogyakarta. Akad Nikah for Javanese is a unique event through which the newly-wed couple obtain acknowledgement from both the state and the adat community. Representing the state to witness and record the marriage, naib (the deputy registrar of marriages) from the Office of Religious Affairs is obliged to use the National Language. However, as an ―invitee‖ upon the request from the bride‘s family to not only witness and record the marriage but sometimes also act on behalf of the bride‘s father to marry the groom to the bride, the naib is obliged to use the language of the family. The conflict is resolved by negotiating the use of two formal codes: krama and Indonesian. Krama is used when the naib is addressing the whole audience, while Indonesian is used when he is acting as the bride‘s father in the wedding vow. The use of Indonesian is restricted only in the exchanges of wedding vow between the naib and the groom. The rests of the akad nikah ritual, namely the speeches (pasrahtinampi) by the two families, maintain the use of Javanese. The paper concludes that the use of two codes in akad nikah is a strategy for Javanese maintenance among Yogyakarta Javanese speech community. When the use of Indonesian is inevitable, restricting its ―zone‖ is the best strategy.

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