Subiyanto, Agus (2011) ANALYTIC CAUSATIVES IN JAVANESE : A LEXICAL-FUNCTIONAL APPROACH. In: International Seminar Language Maintenance and Shift. ISSN: 2088-6799, 2 Juli 2011, Hotel Pandanaran Semarang.


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This paper is a study of analytic causatives in Javanese from a Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG) perspective. Analytic causative s are the type of causatives where there are separate predicates expressing the cause and the effect, that is, the causing notion is realized by a word separate from the word denoting the caused activity. The question addressed in this paper is whether analytic causative s form a mono - or bi - clausal structure. In addition, this paper aims to explain the mechanism of argument sharing between the verbs involved in analytic causatives. By using a negation marker and modals as the syntactic operators to test mono - or bi - clausa lity of analytic causatives, it was found that analytic causatives in Javanese are biclausal. These constructions have an X - COMP structure, in that the SUBJ of the second verb is controlled by the OBJ of the causative verb (N)gawe ̳make‘. The syntactic str uctures of analytic causatives are described within a constituent structure and a functional structure, two main components of LFG.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: analytic causatives, Javanese, Lexical Functional Grammar.
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