Pringgenies, Delianis and Apriliyani, P. ISOLATION AND PHILOGENETIC ANALYSIS OF LUMINESCENCE BACTERIASYMBIOSIS IN LIGHT ORGAN OF SQUID Loligo sp. Project Report. Marine Scince Dept. FPIK. Universitas Diponegoro Semarang. (Unpublished)



The squid Loligo sp. is one of the members of the mollusc phylum, which has potential economic value. It has the potency as the source of antibacterial compounds. The antibacterial source mainly comes from its bacterial symbionts within the light organ attaching the ink sack of the squid and have been suspected as the producer of antibacterial compounds. The aim of this research was to determine wheather the bacterial symbionts of the light organ of squid Loligo sp. could play a role as the source of antibacterial agents MDR. The research was obtained fom Semarng waters from July to October 2008. The MDR bacteria used was Klebsiella sp., Enterobacter sp. 5, Enterobacter sp. 10, CNS, Pseudomonas sp., and Eschericia coli which were supplied by Microbiology Laboratory of dr. Karyadi Hospital, Semarang. The method used was the experimental laboratory method. Plating bacteria used was spread method. Whereas the process of the isolation used was streak method. Bacterial isaolation resulted in the presence of 35 luminous isolates, and 5 non-luminous isolates. Results of the luminous isolates bacterial symbionts test revealed that a total of 14 bacterial isolates were found to be active against MDR bacteria, namely LDS 3-5, LDS 4-5, LDS 5-5, LDS 6-5, LDS 7-5, LDS 8-5, LDS 13-5, LDS 18-5, LDS 19-5, LDS 5-4, LDS 8-4, LDS 9-4, LDS 12-4, LDS 13-4. Whereas the best 2 bacteria based on the biggest zone of inhibition, were chosen further for subsequent sequencing and molecular identification, which showed that LDS 12-4 was mostly related to Uncultured bacterium clone 1P-1-G05 (98%) and LDS 18-5 was closely similar to Uncultured bacterium clone 3g10a (95%), respectively. The present research highlights the presence of new luminous bacteria other than previously reported isolates, Vibrio and Photobacterium.

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