Inna Awalya S., Inna (2017) INTERJEKSI TOKOH LAKI-LAKI DALAM MANGA GIN NO SAJI (KAJIAN PRAGMATIK) マンガ『銀の匙』における男性の感動詞. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



ABSTRACT Inna Awalya Sulistiara, 2017. “Interjection of Male Characters in Comic : Gin No Saji” , Thesis, Japanese Literature, Diponegoro University, Semarang. Thesis Advisor : Maharani Patria Ratna, S.S, M.Hum. The object study in this research is manga (comic) titled Gin No Saji created by mangaka (comic artist), Hiromu Arakawa. The method used to obtain data is descriptive analysis method. Theory that supports this research is kandoushi theory from Namatame, assisted by Masuoka, Takubo and Sudjianto. While, pragmatics parameter theory was proposed Brown and Levinson. This thesis discusses kandoushi (interjection) spoken by the male characters in manga (comic) : Gin No Saji. As the result of the research, it is found that there are four kinds of kandoushi (interjection) such as kandoushi kandou, yobikake, outou, and aisatsugo. Kandoushi which is the most frequently spoken is kandoushi kandou. The pragmatics parameter found in this research is the level of social distance (distance rating) because men as the speakers tend to be confident to start the communication without noticing the age and social-cultural background of the hearers. The other parameter which is found is the level of social status (power rating) because male characters as the speakers have asymmetrical position towards the hearers. The linkage of the speech participants’ relation includes the linkage of family relationship, friendship, teacher and pupil relationship, casual acquaintance relationship and co-workers relationship. Keywords : Kandoushi, Gin No Saji, Pragmatics parameter.

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