Hisyam, Ibnu (2006) ANALISIS VARIABEL-VARIABEL PENENTU KINERJA ANGKUTAN JALAN UNTUK PENUMPANG PERKOTAAN (Studi Kasus Kota Kediri-Jawa Timur). Masters thesis, Magister Teknik Sipil.



A performance degree of Road Traffic for Urban Traveler (RTUT) system could be increased when all relevan variables have been paid attention proportionally. A presence of efforts to realize clean air of city and to decrease greenhouse gas emissions from road traffic, make the problem to increasing performance degree of RTUT system become more complex. For that, comprehensive and intergrated approach should be used to formulate the problem. From the formulation has been known that a criteria variable (as measure of performance degree) is not only depend on an (some) independend variable what be called predictor variables, but also depend on one or more other (s) criteria variable (s). By this approach, a mistake to define a problem that will be solved can be elimined. With the result that, every efforts to improve performance degree of RTUT system may be attained with high certainty. This research has been done to attain the purpose well by a effort to get quantitative models of relationship between criteria variables and predictor variables of RTUT system. So, an attempt to get some main problem and proper alternative solution as base for making RTUT policy will be made easier. A Starting this research is getting a good understanding about the RTUT system by a review to relevan theories and a study to real system. An result of this starting point is a block diagram of RTUT system. Based on this, the objectives of the system in some perspective are formulated. A perspective of public and/or government is choosed in this research in order to get more chance to collect data completely . So far here, a formulation the research variables and a need of their data can be known. After data have been collected and processed, print out of the process is analized. In processing the data, a program packed Statistica v.5.0, especially Canonical Correlation Analysis routine has been used to get paramater of models that are developped. To make easy understanding the modeling process, The RTUT system of Kediri City of East Java was choosed as a case study. Based on result of the analysis, a multivariate relationship as canonical correlation between criteria variables and predictor variables that significance by Chi-square testing at p = 0.25% is gotten. The relation is known in two models. First, a model with two criteria variables, namely : safety degree of RTUT (number accident per month) and number of worker in public transport for traveler ( man per day). Predictor variables for the first model are number of vehicles registered (vehicle), rent of house per m2 per year in Cetral Business District (Rp per m2 per month), Expending of public for road traffic safety insurance(Rp per month), number of automotive driving intructure per 100.000 residents without unity), and ratio number of vehicle registered and road length (vehicle per km). Second, a model with one criteria variable, that is ratio of passanger travel volume and vehicle (man km per vehicle) as proxy criteria of clean air city and oil fuel saving. Predictor variables for this model are travel cost of private transportation per person per day (Rp per man per day) and expending of government for maintain an road and it’s installation (Rp per month). From this invention, there are two thing that should be paid attention well for increasing safety degree of RTUT and decreasing pollutant gas emission and oil fuel saving. First, that is ratio of number of vehicle registered and road length. Secondly, namely improvement in public transportation service for passanger.

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