Nila Ayu Widiastuti, Nila (2016) KEDUDUKAN WANITA DALAM CERPEN “HEIBON NA ONNA” KARYA HAYASHI FUMIKO KAJIAN FEMINISME 林芙美子によって書かれた「平凡な女」と言う短編小説の女の位置. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



ABSTRACT Widiastuti Nila Ayu, 2013. Women position in short story Heibon na Onna by Fumiko Hayashi. Japanese literature department, Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University. Advisors: 1. Zaki Ainul Fadli, S.S., M.Hum, 2. Arsi Widiandari, S.S. M.Si. People say that women position is always lower than a man. Women emancipation and feminist do not change women character as a housewife, although it spreads in every activity. Heibon na Onna story by Hayashi Fumiko tells how women position seen from women with conservative thought. It explains that there is gender inequity in this story based on the feminist thought. The goal of this research is to reveal women position in Heibon na Onna story. This research uses structural method to discover the structure from story such as theme, character, setting, and point of view. Thus, the writer can see a relation between the structure of this story and women position. Besides, the writer also uses feminism theory to discover a gender inequity that happens with the main character and to discover the women position in this story. The research result based on feminism theory, there is gender inequity such as marginalitation, subordination and patriarchy system. However, the main character does not feel the gender inequity, because she is a housewife who is tenaciuos with patriarchy system and Ryousai Kenbo’s system. Ryousai Kenbo’s system means a good wife and a wise mother. It also explains that women should work at home and the man should work outside. That statement made the main character thought that a women was better being at home, doing all housework and rising the children to be a good person. Keywords: Feminism, Ryousai Kenbo, Women Position

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