IMPLIKATUR PENOLAKAN PADA DRAMA JEPANG (Kajian Pragmatik) 日本ドラマにおける断りの推意

Janet Aina, Janet (2017) IMPLIKATUR PENOLAKAN PADA DRAMA JEPANG (Kajian Pragmatik) 日本ドラマにおける断りの推意. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



ABSTRACT Aina, Janet. 2017. “Implikatur Penolakan pada Drama Jepang”. Final Project. Study of S1-Japanese Literature Program of Diponegoro University. Adviser Lecturer Maharani Patria Ratna, S.S., M.Hum. In this final project, author examine about “Implikatur Penolakan pada Drama Jepang “ , this title is chosen because if we use language in everyday life, a lot of people use a disguised language (implicature) to refuse something, so certain comprehension is needed to understand the purpose which implicature mentioned. First step to do this final project is collect a few data based from Japanese drama. Then analyze with descriptive-qualitative method, author figuring out what is purpose from that implicature, and then classified what kind or type of implicature is. In the conversation which contain refusal implicature is frequently used by people to reject the request, and used it to refine and not offend the people who is talking with. The implicature was always appeared is a specific conversation of implicature. It is always appear because most of conversation happen on very specific or special context, so the special knowledge is needed in order that to understand what the meaning is, and stay away from misunderstanding. Keyword: Refusal Implicature

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