TINDAK TUTUR PERLOKUSI PADA ANIME LOG HORIZON 「ログホライズン」アニメにおける発話媒介行為 (Kajian Pragmatik)

Stefan Fahmi M., Efan (2016) TINDAK TUTUR PERLOKUSI PADA ANIME LOG HORIZON 「ログホライズン」アニメにおける発話媒介行為 (Kajian Pragmatik). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



ABSTRACT Muhammad, Stefan Fahmi. 2016. “Perlocution of Anime Log Horizon ”. Thesis, Japanese Department, Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University. Advisor Maharani Patria Ratna, S.S, M.Hum. This study has two goals. First, describe the perlocution act in Log Horizon anime, second, describe sentence mode and type of speech act on the perlocution act in Log Horizon anime. The study uses conversations in Log Horizon anime as the data resource, and uses descriptive method with qualitative approach. The study consist of three stages. First, providing data using refer to method with technical notes. Second analyzing data using Leech’s speech act circumstances theory, Austin’s speech act classification theory, Searle’s Illocution act classification theory, Tamotsu’s sentence mode theory and Yamanashi’s type of speech acts. Then the analyzed datas were categorized using Alston’s perlocution verbs. And the last was presenting data using formal words. Based on the the analysis, 96 datas were provided and categorized in 21 perlocution verbs. There are 3 convincing verbs, 1 deceiting verbs, 2 deceiving verbs, 6 advising verbs, 7 encouraging verbs, 5 annoyying verbs, 17 vexing verbs, 8 frightening verbs, 4 attracting verbs, 1 captivating verb, 2 ridiculing verb, 1 inspiring verb, 5 influencing verbs, 7 condemning verbs, 3 redirecting verbs, 4 confusing verbs, 4 slackening verbs, 4 ashaming verbs, 1 complicating verb, 10 attentioning verbs, 1 uninteresting verb. Based on the 96 perlocution’s datas provided, there are 9 sentence mode berita (heijo bun) using indirect speech, 3 sentence mode pertanyaan (gimon bun), 50 sentence mode berita (heijo bun) using direct speech, 14 sentence modes pertanyaan using direct speech, 20 sentence modes perintah using direct speech. Keywords: Perlocution, Sentence Mode, Type of Sspeech Acts, Log Horizon Anime.

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