Siska Eka Setyawati, Siska (2016) KONFLIK BATIN TOKOH UTAMA DALAM CERPEN “WARAWARETA KO”KARYA YOKOMITSU RIICHI (SEBUAH TINJAUAN PSIKOANALISIS) 横光利一が書かれた「笑われた子という短編にある主人公の感情の葛藤 「精神分析の見直し」. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



ABSTRACT Setyawati, Siska Eka. 2016. The main character inner conflict in the Warawarata Ko short story by Yokomitsu Riichi. A review of psychoanalysis. A thesis of Japanese Literature program of study, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Diponegoro University, Semarang. Pembimbing I Drs. M. Muzakka, M.Hum. Pembimbing II Zaki Ainul Fadli, SS. M.Hum. The author will describe human life’s with all of their problem and conflicts. The inner conflict experienced by Kichi in this short story cause anxiety and self defense mechanism. Hence, the author’s interested to researching about intrinsic element and the psychological side of this short story more, with a psychoanalysis theory by Sigmun Freud. This research aims to answer statement of the problem that is structure, inner conflict and self defense mechanism of the main character in the Warawarata Ko short story when face his problems of life based on psychoanalysis perspective. The method used in this research is using structural methods to analyze the elements of intrinsic, then used psychological approach literature for data related to the main character, using the theory of personality or commonly known as psychoanalysis, to discuss the structure of personality, anxiety, and self-defense mechanisms , The results of the research that has been achieved is the emergence of inner conflict on the main character that is triggered by anxiety and fear, because the dream is going through. To overcome the anxiety is the main character doing a self-defense mechanism of aggression is diverted, redirected aggression is when a person experiences frustration but can not be satisfied to reveal the source of frustration for not being clear or untouched. Id that is in Kichi figures greatly affect the state of psychology, because although in reality he was in a state of life with relaxing without thinking about his future, but because of his dream life changed. Keywords : psychoanalysis, inner conflict. self defense mechanism.

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