Farah Lies Abdian, Rara (2016) PEMAKNAAN STRUKTURAL PADA KUMPULAN PUISI KARYA KOBAYASHI ISSA 小林一茶の俳句の構造上の意味. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



ABSTRACT Abdian, Farah Lies, 2016. “The Meaning of Strctural In Collection of Poetry By Kobayashi Issa”, Thesis, Japanese Literature, Diponegoro University, Semarang. The first advisor Laura Andri R. M, S.S., MA.The second advisor Nur Hastuti, S.S., M. Hum. Formal object of this research is the study of structural contained in the work of Kobayashi Issa haiku. This research material object is a collection of haiku work Kobayashi IssaIssa contained in Haikushuu (Maruyama 2010). Objects haiku selected based on seven themes that exist as well as interesting and powerful meaning when analyzed using structural methods. This is because the author wants to reveal the meaning of structural and symbols found on some poems by Kobayashi Issa. The method used to analyze the meaning of the poem Kobayashi Issa is a structural method. Abrams structural methods based on the theory used to determine the overall meaning that the physical structure and the inner structure. The physical structure is composed of diction, figure of speech and imagery. Inner structure consists of a theme, taste, tone and atmosphere, as well as the mandate and objectives. After the authors reveal the symbol consisting of a blank symbol, natural symbol and symbol to check your private meanings contained in the sign of poetry. Results to be achieved in this research is to know the building blocks that make up the work of Kobayashi Issa haiku is the physical structure and the inner structure. Knowing the symbols contained in Issa haiku is blank symbol, and a private symbol natural symbol. Reveal the meaning and discourse on Issa haiku so it can find implicit message contained in haiku studied. Keywords : physical structure, inner structure, haiku, Kobayashi Issa.

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