Civil Disobedience Reflected in the Movie “ Into The Wild”

Isnan, Muhammad Adam (2016) Civil Disobedience Reflected in the Movie “ Into The Wild”. Undergraduate thesis, Diponegoro University.

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Into The Wild is a movie directed by Sean Penn based on a nonfiction bibliography of Christopher Johnson McCandles written by Jon Krakauer. As an adaptation, the movie should reflect what contain is in the book as close as possible. For Christopher, the application of civil disobedience should be processed through behaviorism and humanistic. The aims of this thesis are trying to reveal the forms of civil disobedience in Into The Wild to reach happy and comfortable life. This research applies psychologycal perspective to help the researcher masters the forms of civil disobedience that consist of behaviorism and humanistic. The research findings show that there are two form of civil disobedience in Christopher. There are behaviorism and humanistic. In humanistic , First, the good citizens who serve the states and the rules without critical thinking. The second, which are opposite from the first, are the very few citizens which react to the states and the rules in a wider frame of refferences. They have a great sense in value the rules of the states. They do not always obey the rules, more often they resist and disobey the rules that are out of moral senses. To the rules which are big falses and out of human sense, they choose to resist and to refuse allegiance to them. Behaviorism shows the birth of the new Christ, or Christ’s maturity, as well as the meaning of manhood in and what wisdom is achieved by Christ. Civil disobedience is something human but people should be able to control it. Basically, human is created to love each other, not to hurt and not to do evil things. Civil disobedience without doing good things are just like a shadow of happiness. Perhaps, they feel satisfied because their civil disobedience have been completed but actually they cannot feel the true happiness.

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