Tsania, Toyyibah (2016) PELESAPAN PRONOMINA PERSONA KEDUA PADA DIALOG DRAMA RISOU NO MUSUKO DALAM RELASI SINTAKSIS 「理想の息子」のドラマの二人諸代名詞の省略. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



ABSTRACT Toyyibah, Tsania, 2016. “PelesapanPronomina Persona Keduapada Dialog Drama Risou no MusukodalamRelasiSintagmatik”. Thesis, Department of Japanese Literature Faculty of Humanities Diponegoro University. Supervisor I Dr. M. Suryadi, M.Hum. Supervisor II S.I. Trahutami, S.S., M.Hum. A deletion is a linguistic phenomenon which has function to omit the repetition of word or sentence. The deletion of element of word does not influence the meaning of utterances which delivered to the hearers. These sentences are acceptable since the hearer may still be able to interpret the meaning from the given information by speaker. The purpose of this discussion is to describe how the deletion of second personal pronoun within Risou no Musuko’sdiologue. Besides, this paper also analyses the elements of the sentence’s function before and after experiencing the fading, then distributed into a phrase structure tree. This distribution is created in order to make it easier for readers to understand the sentence. The result of this discussion is the deletion of second personal pronoun occurs to subject function (S). Subject which consist of second personal pronoun has no strong position, so it can be deleted. The element of sentence function that has strong position is predicate (P). The structure of sentence function before deletion is S+P and after deletion is (S) + P. Based from those two structures it can be concluded that the main structure in a sentence is P. Formation of phrase begins from the top to below and continues from the left to the right consecutively. The second personal pronoun is always located on NP below the St, whereas the other elements are located on VP. Keywords: Second Personal Pronoun, Phrase Structure Tree

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