Blood lipid status of “jawa ekor kurus” sheep supplemented by protected kapok seed oil

Widiyanto, Widiyanto and Soejono, M and Bachruddin , Z and Hartadi, H and Surahmanto, Surahmanto (2009) Blood lipid status of “jawa ekor kurus” sheep supplemented by protected kapok seed oil. Prosiding The 2nd International Seminar on New Pradigm and Innovation on Natural Sciences and its Application . pp. 497-501. ISSN ISBN 978-602-18940-0-2

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ABSTRACT This investigation was conducted to study the influence of protected kapok seed oil (KSO) supplementation in its combination with rise polishing (RP) on lipid status “jawa ekor kurus” sheep fed with field grass as basal feed. The amounts of 24 heads of meal “jawa ekor kurus” sheep were used as experimental material. Those devided into 8 treatment groups, consist of 3 heads as replication, respectively. There were two treatment factors, i.e. : KSO supplementation (factor I) and concentrate supplementation (factor II). Factor I cosist of 2 levels, i.e. 0% (S0) and 10% (S1), whereas factor II consist of 4 levels, i.e. 0% (K0), 15% (K1), 30% (K2) and 45% (K3) respectively, based on dry matter (DM) consumption. Several variables were measured, namely concentrations of blood triglyceride (TG), low density lipoprotein (LDL) and high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. The collected data were ststistically analyzed by analysis of variance with factorial treatment pattern (2 x 4) in completely randomized design (CRD). Supplementation of RP increase blood total cholesterol (P < 0.05), i.e. : 1.35 mM In S0K0 became to 1.93 mM in S0K3 treatment group, whereas its combination with protected KSO did not result in significantly variation of blood plasm cholesterol (i.e. : 1.93 up to 1.99 mM), along with increasing of HDL cholesterol (from 0.98 mM in S1K0 became to 1.21 mM in S1 K3 treatment group) and decreasing of LDL cholesterol (from 0.70 mM in S1K1 up to 0.69 mM in S1K3). Keywords : kapok seed oil, protection, rice polishing, triglyceride, cholesterol, low density lipoprotein, high density lipoprotein, sheep

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