Epidemiologic Study on Nutrition and Management Related Diseases in Feeding Cattle Agricultural By-products

Kusumanti, Endang and Widiyanto, Widiyanto and Mulyono, Mulyono Epidemiologic Study on Nutrition and Management Related Diseases in Feeding Cattle Agricultural By-products. Prosiding International Seminar on Tropical Animal Production "Community Empowerment and Tropical Animal Industry" . pp. 76-79. ISSN ISBN 978-979-1215-21-3



ABSTRACT The aim of study was to reveal the major facets animal health status as related to feeding, farming management, environment and animal production. A cross-sectional study was conducted in Boyolali region Central Java, involving 50 randomly selected farms covered 129 lactating FH cows, 15 FH heifers, 41 FH calves, 1 FH bull, 11 Ongole cows, 3 Ongole bulls. Information was obtained from personal interview with smalholder farmers, measeurement of milk yield and feedstuff given to animal, clinical evaluation and mastitis test (BovivetĀ®). The result showed that based on net energy for lactation (NEL) the feedstuff could only provide 6 l/day. The prevalence proportion was 10.85% for clinical mastitis, 34.8% was for nutritional diseases which bloat was the most frequent fatal occurrence. Skin diseases were attacking 85.92% of selected cows, while 13% of cows were in helminthiasis treatment. Although it was not significant different (P>0.05) utilization feedstuffs combination as related to milk production level of > 10 l/day. Governmental and non-governmental husbandry sector should cooperate in order to make progress and to help the farmers in decision making process to minimize risk factors. Keywords : smallholder farmer, milk production, agricultural-by-products, feeding regime, diseases

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