Aprilya Eka, Putri (2016) ANALISIS STRUKTURAL DAN NILAI SOSIAL CERPEN SHABONDAMA 「シャボン玉」 KARYA TOYOSHIMA YOSHIO 「豊島与志雄」の『シャボン玉』の短編の構造と社会的の価値ついての分析. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.

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ABSTRACT Eka Putri, Aprilya. 13050111130051. 2016. “Structure and Soscial Values Analystic From the Shabondama Short story Author’s by Toyoshima Yoshio”. Thesis. Japanese Literature Department. Faculty of Humanities Diponegoro University. The first advisor is Budi Mulyadi, S.Hum,. M.Hum. The second advisor is Yuliani Rahmah, S.Hum,. M.Hum. Shabondama which was published in 1926, is one of Yoshio Toyoshima’s works. Shabondama is short story which tells about magician named Havons who lost his son. One time he remembered about news from the people about witch who could give birth again someone who passed away. For seeing his child again, he leaves to the forest for finding the witch. The witch gave Havons magic’s fruit which is could release the bubbles, silver bowl, and teaching Havons how use that things. From the witch’s supernatural, from fruit which is could release the bubbles change the shape if we think about anything, but also could change to Havons’s son who passed away. Havons very greatful and want to show the magic to public how magic works. Hovons keep the secret about the witch and witch magic power. The show has so many time held in city hall, until the fruit that could release the bubbles exhausted. And then the bubble change shape into Havons and fly to the sky. The study aim to find out the stucture of the short story including the theme, the character and characternization, the plot, the setting, and the mandate. And the other aim of the study is to find out the social value for the leave. In this reasearch, the stuctural theory used to analyzed the intrinsic elements of the short story. And the sociology of literature theory used to analyzed the social values This result show that social values are have a menner, to apreciated the other, helping to each other and respecful. Keywords : Social Values, Shabondama, Short Story stracture.

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