Febriana Heksa, Putri (2016) TINDAK TUTUR DIREKTIF KANYUU (AJAKAN) DALAM NOVEL 1Q84 JILID 1 - 3 「1Q84 1-3 卷における行為指示の勧誘」. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.

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ABSTRACT Putri, Febriana Heksa. 2016. “Tindak Tutur Direktif Kanyuu (Ajakan) dalam Novel 1Q84 jilid 1-3”. Thesis, Departement of Japanese Studies Faculty of Humanities.Diponegoro University.The First Advisor Maharani Patria Ratna, S.S, M.Hum. Second Advisor Lina Rosliana , S.S., M. Hum. This research studied kanyuu directive speech act (persuasive) in the novel 1Q84 volumes 1-3. It was conducted by descriptive qualitative with a pragmatic approach that examines the use of persuasive based on certain factors and described in accordance with the facts. The purpose of this study described the relationship between the utterances participants involved in the speech containing kanyuu’s markers (persuasive), as well as described the implications received by opponent in a speech directive kanyuu (persuasive) contained in the novel 1Q84 volumes 1-3. Research data was obtained from the novel 1Q84 volumes 1-3 works of Haruki Murakami. Data were analyzed by using the theory of Namatame and theory of Mizutani. Based on theory of Namatame found 3 types of persuasive lingual markers contained in 1Q84 volumes 1-3 that form ~ou/~you, ~mashou, and ~naika. Then the relationship between the utterance participants analyzed using the theory of Mizutani that explained the use forms of persuasive lingual markers was influenced by six factors: factor of intimacy and introductory rate among utterance participants, the age factor, social relationships factors, gender factor, membership factor in a particular institute and situation factor in a state of formal or non-formal. The inflicted implication on each form use was different, utterances that use ~ou and ~you seemed to force and disregard to the condition of the hearer, form ~mashou impressed force but spoken in a politely,and form ~naika was not forcing, it giving space to the hearer to add other ideas. Keywords: pragmatics, persuasive, kanyuu, speech act , 1Q84

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