Laras Dyah, Prajni Astarini (2016) KEPRIBADIAN TOKOH UTAMA DALAM CERPEN GYOFUKUKI (魚腹記) KARYA DAZAI OSAMU 太宰治が書いた「魚腹記」という短編小説にある主人公のキャラクター. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



ABSTRACT Prajni, dyah laras. “Characteristics of Main Character in Gyofukuki Short Story by Dazai Osamu” Thesis. Department of Japanese Studies Faculty of Humanities. Diponegoro University. The First Advisor Zaki Ainul Fadli, S.S, M.Hum. The Second Advisor Nur Hastuti, S.S, M.Hum. The purpose of this research is to reveal the personality of Suwa using the psychoanalytical theories of Carl Gustav Jung and some factors that influenced Suwa to have introvert personality. The data used in this study is based on the short story Gyofukuki which is one of Dazai Osamu’s short story in Hashire Merosu’s short story collections by Kodansha International Jepang publication 8th edition, 2012. The theory used in this study, the authors use the psychological approach of literature. The author uses major theories of Carl Gustav Jung’s psychoanalysis theory to analyze Suwa personalities with the help of structural theory in character and characterization. Factors that influenced personality, which is factor hereditary traits (internal) and environment factor (external) using the theory of John Locke Tabula Sense. The result of the analysis in this research is based on consciousness (ego) from the mental function is a feeling type personality. As it seems from the mental attitude is an introvert personality. Based on her unconsciousness, Suwa’s personal unconsciousness is a thinker type. On the other hand based on collective unconsciousness, it is shown that Suwa has a intuition type. The emergence of introvert personality in Suwa’s character in “Gyofukuki” short story by Dazai Osamu is reflected from environmental factor, in this case is a family. Family, for example is a father in this short story is as a closest person to Suwa, he determines Suwa’s personality the most. Keywords: Gyofukuki, psychology literature, psychoanalysis Carl Gustav Jung

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