Kurniawan, Landjar and Miyasto , Miyasto and Sugiato, Sugianto (2015) MEMBANGUN KINERJA KARYAWAN MELALUI MOTIVASI KERJA PADA HISAN PRODUCTION KLATEN. Masters thesis, Diponegoro University.

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Not the achievement of the performance of the employee who expected by Hisan Production Klaten s be the reason this research. Besides this reason this research findings distinction based on the results of research first, and views in formulating a process of increasing the model employee performance. Because of that, this research formulate the problem as follows, how a model develop motivation employees as to efforts of employee performance as expected Hisan Production Klaten. A model has been developed and five hypothesis was formulated to answer to the matter this research. The sample collection technique is random sampling. Respondents from the study a total of 166 who is an employee Hisan Production Klaten. Data analysis instrument that is used is regression two step on program spss 22.0. Based on the result of reckoning obtained the regression equation is the first model that is the influence of between the style of leadership, working enviroment against motivation (y) as follows: y = 0,983 + 0,355 x1 + 0,268 x2. While the regression equation is the second model to know variable influence leadership style, working life of quality and motivation ( intervening ) of an employees as follows y = 1,606 + 0,246 x1 + 0,248 x2 + 0,343 i. For testing in the partial (t) than 5 hypothesis advanced by none value t count & it; t table or probability (0,000) >  (0,05). Based on the calculation on the value of the coefficients obtained determination (Adjusted r2) as much as 0,684 (the first model) and of 0,557 (the second model). The result of this research prove a hypothesis of 1: the positive effect on the employees are working significant. The hypothesis,the working enviroment for two positive effect on the employees are working significant. Its 3: the hypothesis of employee performance is positive signs. And a working hypothesis 4: the positive effect of a quality performance by employees significant. As well as the employees working hypothesis 5: positive impact on the performance of employees to be significantly. This study concluded that there are five the process of the basis for improving the performance of employees. This research result has also strengthened justification previous studies. Employees’ motivation work is the variable biggest role in improving the performance of employees

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