Nisia Nur , Dwi Agusta (2015) MODALITAS EPISTEMIK ~DAROU DAN ~HAZU DA DALAM KALIMAT BAHASA JEPANG 日本語~だろう、~はずだの認識モダリテイ. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



ABSTRACT Nur, Nisia Dwi Agusta. 2015. “Modalitas Epistemik ~darou dan ~hazu da dalam Kalimat Bahasa Jepang”. Thesis, Department of Japanese Studies Faculty of Humanities Diponegoro University. The First Advisor Dra. Sri Puji Astuti, M. Pd. Second Advisor Lina Rosliana , S.S., M. Hum. In writing this thesis, the writer discussed ‘’Epistemic Modality ~darou and ~hazu da in Japanese sentences”. The writer chose the title due to both of them have similarities and differences in showing the assumption of something. The purpose of this thesis is to explain about the structure and meaning of ~darou and ~hazu da in Japanese sentences for Japanese learning. Method used in this thesis was collecting the data, analyzing the data using substitution technique and presenting the data informally. Epistemic modality is a way of the speaker shows how perception of the speaker towards a proposition or condition. According to how the perception of that speaker consists of three classifications, which are; dantei, suiryo, and gaizensei. Suiryo shows the perception of the speaker towards a proposition or a condition based on indirect imagination and thought. Meanwhile, gaizensei is a perception of the speaker based on logical thought and proofs. Basically, ~darou shows suiryo. ~darou shows a perception based on uncertain imagination and thought so that can decrease the certainty of a propotition or a condition so it shows a spontaneous assumption. ~Darou is used to show the doubt of the truth of proposition and a weak assumption of the certainty. On the other hand, ~hazu da shows gaizensei. ~Hazu da is based on logical thought and proofs so that the speaker brings a high certainty towards a proportition or a condition. ~hazu da is used to show the assumption based on several reasons, logical thought, and owned proof. ~hazu da has an epistemic degree which is higher than ~darou. It is happened because ~hazu da has high confidence of proposition. Keywords: Modalitas epistemik ~darou dan ~hazu da.

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