Sudirahardjo, Ririh (2003) ANALISIS KEBUTUHAN RUANG PARKIR DI PASAR BANDARJO UNGARAN. Masters thesis, Magister Teknik Sipil.



ABSTRACT Bandarjo Market is located in Gatot Subroto street Ungaran. It is one of the biggest traditional markets in Semarang regency. Gatot Subroto street is an alternative primary way to Semarang – Solo. Strategic location makes Bandarjo Market Ungaran has a lot of customers from the origin people or the people from out of town. Bandarjo Market which is located in the centre of business area in Ungaran has 16,362 m2, it is devided into 14,588.5 m2 as a building and 1,773.5 m2 as a parking lot in the market area. While for the land road which is used as the parking lot is located around the both building that is 1,396.5 m2. The land road which is used as the parking lot involves : Tunggorono street, Raya Tunggorono street and Telomoyo street. That phenomena is caused by enough parking facility for vehicles that visit Bandarjo market and the lowly realization of the market visitors or the users. So it causes traffic disturbence the traffic this… in Jalan Gatot Subroto and the street around market. This matter can be seen from disorganized traffic in Bandarjo market either for those who are going to enter, look for the parking lot or for those who are going to leave from that area so, one of the problems caused is the traffic jam and uncomfortable feeling. From that analysis, it can make a hypotesis as follow : 1. The vehicle owners who visit there tend to choose the easy and the fast parking lot as on follow street. 2. The undiciplined road users and the mixed of public transportations which are entered in the system (in the lane around the market), and the limited of parking lot comparing with the height of parking volume, and a bad parking management become the caused of disorganization and the traffic jam around the market. The survey method in this research is using a primary data collection toward the parking demand ( come, wait and leave from the system ) by market visitors to analyse the arrival rate ( λ ) and parking rate ( μ ). A secondary data is used to predict the demand of parking involves : the population, PDRB, vehicle ownership and the amount of parking it self . In 2004, the amount of car peraday where parked in Bandarjo market is 1.051 for car and 2.081 for motorcycle. From this analysis, it can be concluded that the optimal parking capacity is 152 for cars and 296 for motorcycles. While the parking lot that is provided is only 103 for cars and 140 for motorcycles, so existing parking lot is not enough. From the prediction, the amount of vehicles that sure parked in Bandarjo market per day in 2014 is 4.275 for cars and 5.481 for motorcycles, with the necessity of parking lot as 618 for cars and 779 for motorcycles. From the calculation of Total Cost Programs it can get that the optimal parking rate is Rp. 4.500,00 for car and Rp. 1.100,00 for motorcycle. Based on the respondens survey, it shows that the parking rate wanted by the people are Rp. 300,00 – Rp. 600,00, so it is needed a policy subsidy from the government.

Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Parking demand, Arrival Rate ( λ ) and Parking Rate (μ ), Total Cost ( C ) and the Optimal Parking Rate.
Subjects:T Technology > TE Highway engineering. Roads and pavements
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