Rista, Rahayu and Etna Mayasari, Taslim and Sumarno, Sumarno (2013) PEMBUATAN SERBUK DAUN CINCAU HIJAU RAMBAT “CYCLEA BARBATA L.MIERS”MENGGUNAKAN PROSES MASERASI DAN FOAM MAT DRYING. Jurnal Teknologi Kimia dan Industri, 2 (4). pp. 24-31.

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Cincau including native plant from indonesia.and has another name, such as Camcao. camcao types used in this study are get fromCyclea L. barbata Miers. Green cincau is rich in carbohydrates, polyphenols,saponins,and fat.and calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A an B. The main components of axtracts of green cincau gel forming polysaccharide pectin is a low metoksi. Pectin is a gelling hydrocolloid group that has the potential tobe used as gelatin or agar-agar. To produce the green cincau into powder should be developed technologyMeserasi and Foam Mat Drying.maceration is a simple screening process in chemical compounds by soaking the leaves green cincau at room temperature using a solvent distilled water. So that the material becomes soft and soluble. Leaves greeen cincau marinated with distilled water was filtered with filter paper to get maserate. Maserate release of solvent by evaporation of the foam dryin. The drying of materials previously used gel foam prior to adding foam agent.foam ha a requirement for feasibility to be astablished. It must be added surfactans or foam agent or stabilizers in continue phase. Foam stabilizere serves to maintain the consistency foam so that the foam drying process will be quick and materials are not damaged by heating. The purpous of this study was to determine the amount of pectin contented in the green cincau. As you well, pectin is one component that serves food to adhesive can foam possible to make cincau to be agar-agar powder. And the benefits of this method is to obtained green cincau powder that can be used so that the people is can use more efficient and easier. The experimens where conducted by mixing green cincau and solven (aquqdes) with mass ratio 10, 15, 20 so change become gelling. After that drying with temperature 40, and 50 0C used emulsi fier (10,15,20 %w). The result showd that the ratio of mass is the most in fluential variable. Optimum conditions optained by ratio of mass 15, emulsi fier 20, and temperature 40 0C.

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